Cash' N Guns - Second Edition

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    The job went well, now you and your crew are back in their hideout and it's time to divvy out the loot, but who should get what. Obviously you should get more being the boss of the job, but would your crew like that or will the turn against you, only one way to find out.

    In the game of Cash' N Guns you play as thieves who have just finished a heist and are wanting their cut of the loot, but only the boss can touch the loot and decide what is fair. Each player is given a foam gun and "BANG" and "CLICK CLICK" cards which they keep hidden from the table. The oldest player is the boss to start off the game and will proceed to flip cards from the deck for the amount of players. The boss then proceeds to split up the loot amoungst all the players, being as equal or as selfish as they so desire. Once the loot has been given out each player may choose a card from their hand to play down. Everyone then grabs their guns and the boss will count down from 3, at the end of the countdown everyone points their gun at someone at the table. If someone has pointed at the boss they may tell them to aim elsewhere, once everyone has aimed there is a second countdown and people can back out or keep up thier guard. Reveal the shoot cards played and take wounds for every shot you take, 3 wounds and you're out. The player with the most money at the end of 8 rounds is the winner.

    Ages - 10+

    Players - 4-8

    Playtime - 30mins

    - $74.99

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