Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile

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    The creators of Root welcome you to a world full of rulers, thieves, magic and war, its up to you and the others at the table to strive for your own personal goals as one player starts as the Chancellor who rules the land and everyone else plays citizens who work under the Chancellor, but all the players have a plan to strive for greatness, wether it is overthrowing the Chancellor and taking their place or getting stronger through relations and trade or even war. 

    The unique mechanic of this game is it has a memory. Between games the game will remember what happened the last time you played and will change up how the game starts everytime you play. You may have theives infesting the kingdom or a warlord ready to start their own dynasty, you can never be too sure what you'll encounter with every play. The game can also be reset at any time if you wanted to play with new players. 

    A game that has to be played to be truly experienced, see what adventures you can get into in the world of Oath.

    Ages - 10+

    Players - 1-6

    Playtime - 45-150min

    - $214.99

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